Interested In Joining Our Marketing Team?



I’m a desk here at White River Broadcasting and if I’m honest, right now I’m feeling kinda empty. There are no family photos on me, no awards, no coffee mugs. Nothing to show what I can do.

In fact, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses tell their stories, I’ve seen tens of thousands of dollars invested, and the people who have sat with me have enjoyed rewarding careers. I’ve got files filled with successful business after successful business that have used what I do to their advantage, and I’m just looking for the right person to share what I hold. What about you?

Put YOUR photos on my shelves, open my files, and let’s have some fun together. The new advertising professional that sits with me will enjoy an excellent compensation package including salary, plus commission, health and life insurance benefits and 401 (k).

I’ve got a wealth of information to share about how I can help you increase your income and build marketing plans for our local businesses. Just click here to apply on-line, but do it soon, or someone else will sit here… and they’ll probably spill coffee on me. Don’t let that happen to me. White River Broadcasting is an equal opportunity employer.



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